Are You Very Happy, Atlanta?

New poll shows 34 percent of us are “very happy,” despite the fact that almost three-fourths of us frequently worry about our financial situation.

The city too busy to hate? Apparently 34 percent of Atlantans are "very happy" here. Credit: Hunt Archbold
The city too busy to hate? Apparently 34 percent of Atlantans are "very happy" here. Credit: Hunt Archbold
How happy are ya, Atlanta?

A just-released Harris Poll Happiness Index complied by Harris Interactive concluded that the Empire of the South ranks in the top four among major American markets with residents who qualify as “very happy.”

Obviously the poll was not taken while the locals were sitting in our at-times absolutely awful traffic.

The poll considered the top 10 American markets by population and was topped by the Dallas/Fort Worth region, which had 38 percent of its inhabitants qualifying as “very happy.”

Another Texas metropolis, Houston, finished second at 36 percent. It was followed by Philadelphia and Atlanta (each at 34 percent); Los Angeles, New York City Metro, and Washington D.C. (all at 33 percent); Chicago (32 percent); Boston (31 percent); and San Francisco (28 percent).

The survey, conducted in late July, surveyed 2,101 adults ages 18 and older residing in the 10 cities. Among the factors the survey indicated played into evaluating ‘happiness’ included age, gender and race/ethnicity.

About Atlanta, the survey concluded:

·  Atlanta residents are among those most likely to agree that they are optimistic about the future (81%) and that their spiritual beliefs are a positive guiding force to them (77%), as well as being among the least likely to feel their voices are not heard in national decisions that affect them (67%).

·  On the down side, those in Atlanta are among the least likely to agree that their relationships with friends bring them happiness (though at 84%, a vast majority still agree with this) and the most likely by far to agree that they frequently worry about their financial situation (71%).

See here to examine the complete study.

Are you optimistic about the future? Do you worry frequently about your financial situation? What do you think about this poll?


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