Just FYI: Lights Out in (Parts of) Buckhead Wednesday

Some residents and businesses in Buckhead experienced a brief blackout.

Sometime on Wednesday afternoon, about 355 Georgia Power customers lost power for about 30 to 50 minutes.

Nothing major, but Buckhead Patch knows that it mattered to you, Buckhead. So I made sure to get you answers about exactly what happened to cause the minor blackout that occurred near the Buckhead Loop, the 3000 block of Piedmont Road and in on smaller streets in Buckhead.

Georgia Power told Buckhead Patch the 30-minute power loss was due to balloons that were tangled in power lines.

The mylar type of balloons conduct electricity and can cause a fault on the line that would result in damage or an outage, explained Georgia Power spokesman John Kraft.

Most customers had their power restored within 34 minutes, but three customers lost power for a total of 51 minutes, Kraft said.

"It's always good to hold onto to those balloons," Kraft told Buckhead Patch, "because they can get loose and cause a dangerous situation."


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