Artist Rosa McMurtray is Inspired by Fashion, Films

Behind the Buck: Meet Rosa McMurtray, the Spanish born artist who created the Million Dollar Buck statue.


1) Tell us about your Buck. 

It has bills all over it. I did it with large copies of different bills (50s, 100s, 10s, 5s) all around the buck. Then I put coats of resin on it. It took me three weeks between each coat of resin, because the resin takes a while to dry.

2) What inspired you to approach your Buck this way? 

Well it was for Fifth Third Bank. It's a good theme for a bank, I thought. 

3) In general, where do you find the inspiration for your art?

That's really hard. Sometimes I get my inspiration from when I go to see films. I get inspired to do the pieces that I do that way. Many of the pieces I do are inspired by fashion because I am also a fashion designer. 

4) How did you become an artist? 

I think I've been an artist all of my life. Drawing and painting were my favorite classes during school. I just got my degree in fashion in Spain. 

5) Is there anything else you'd like to share with Buckhead Patch readers? 

I love what I did with the Buck. I had a lot of fun!


Go to Rosa's website to see images of her paintings and other work. And watch the YouTube video attached to this article to hear her talk about her art.


This article is the latest in a series of Buckhead Patch conversations with the creators of the "Buck" statues stationed around the neighborhood. Do you know other creative people in Buckhead who deserve to be profiled? Email us with the details!

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