Big Buck Hunt: Second Clues for Week Four

Here are new clues and photos of the Bucks to help you track them down - one day early!

Buck 7 Clue 2

Wind your way up Peachtree, keeping to your right and you’ll find this buck out proudly, standing in plain sight. A tribute to Chef Smith, he stands almost monumental. Look no further for this buck; he’s at the Intercontinental.

Buck 8 Clue 2

What you’ll have to do to find this buck, is get out and hit the books. Dig through all the crannies and look in all the nooks. I’ll narrow it down for you, it may be at The Peach. Now that should be enough to put this buck in your reach.

Additionally, the winner of this week's $25 Target Gift Card is Karen Lim and family! Contact Tom Bastek at tom@batma.org to claim your prize!


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