North Buckhead Represents 'Big Question Mark'

Buckhead Heritage Society is looking for anyone with information related to North Buckhead specifically.

When it comes to history in the Buckhead area, North Buckhead is a bit of a question mark, according to Erica Danylchak, Executive Director of . Danylchak spoke at the recent  meeting to to ask for their help in filling in some of that missing history.

While working with , Danylchak said that the Heritage Society realized there was an opportunity to do something interesting with preserving the rich Buckhead community history. While they have found interesting factoids and stories about Buckhead overall, history on North Buckhead is sorely lacking.

"There are large swaths of District 7 that have no history," Danylchak said, pointing to a map where known historical events and locales were represented by markers.

"We saw a great need to start talking to residents about North Buckhead."

Danylchak said that they have indeed done that, but more help is still needed.

The goal, she said, is to use innovative methods to interpret the found history, including cell phone tours, mobile apps and interpretive physical design. Cities like San Francisco are already doing great things with these methods, such as the Barbary Coast Trail there.

One reason for the lack of information on North Buckhead is the amount of time the area stayed "rural," Danylchak explained. No matter the reason, however, Buckhead Heritage is determined to find the valuable history that they know is there. They are looking for buildings and sites in Buckhead in both District 7 and District 8 that have some of their history intact and have interesting stories behind them — these could be related to the Civil War, prominent Buckhead residents, education and social history of the area and more.

For Daylchek, her favorite words to hear someone say to her are, "Did you know about...?"

If you have an interesting story about North Buckhead, email the Buckhead Heritage Society at info@buckheadheritage.com or give them a call 404-467-9447.


Wright Mitchell May 15, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Michael, thanks for covering this important initiative. I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday night! Wright Mitchell President Buckhead Heritage
Michael Packer (Editor) May 15, 2012 at 09:44 PM
No problem, Wright. Nice meeting you as well. I look forward to seeing and participating in the results!


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