Author Jen Lancaster Regales Fans in Buckhead

About 80 people who gathered at Barnes & Noble for event with the author of "Bitter is the New Black."

The eighty or so people who gathered at a Buckhead book-reading laugh at the same kind of jokes: those penned by best-selling author Jen Lancaster, who drew fans from many miles away to her Atlanta appearance.

"I think her sense of humor is similar to ours," said Shannon Rogers. "Like she could be our best friend." 

Lancaster is author of seven books, from the memoir "Bitter is the New Black" to "Jeneration X," the book she signed and read from at on May 2.

Rogers and her friend Angie Nye drove from Chattanooga for the event. Nye said she likes Lancaster in part because "she seems so approachable." Indeed, the two women have followed the Chicago-based author for several years and went to a book-signing once before.

The Lancaster fans know her work well. Lancaster read a scene from Jeneration X about a six-year-old who is extremely knowledgeable and picky about sushi at Whole Foods. "You know what we call Whole Foods," Lancaster said, cueing the audience who responded as one: "Whole Paycheck!"

"She's hilarious," said Kelly Bennett from Cobb County, retelling an anecdote from one of Lancaster's books where her Weight Watchers friends unfortunately fixate on cake.

Lancaster said she's working on a book about living one year "according to the dictates of Martha Stewart." It should be out in about 18 months. Then there's the novel underway involving "high school mean girls, time travel and Whitesnake."

"You feel like you know her, like family," said Pam Dugan on why she's a fan.

Lancaster's mostly autobiographical works detail her travails after being laid off from a high-paying job, including attracting attention at the unemployment office for wearing Prada sunglasses while she applied for benefits.

The full title of Lancaster's new book is: "Jeneration X: One Reluctant Adult's Attempt to Unarrest Her Arrested Development; Or, Why It's Never Too Late for Her Dumb Ass to Learn Why Froot Loops Are Not for Dinner."

"I had to do terrible things like get a mammogram and write a will," said Lancaster. 


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