Big Buck Hunt: Second Clues for Week 9

Here are the second clues for week nine of the Big Buck Hunt, as well as last week's winner.

Buck #17 Clue 2

This buck is hard to miss because he’s so bright, with yellow, red and blue painted all over his white. So park your car on the side street and walk past the fences to where you’ll find this buck at the Gallery Residences.

Buck #18 Clue 2

Cyrano de Buck-a-Rack is this buck’s name, and dressing up nicely in a tux is his game. And although he doesn’t face out towards Peachtree, at Buckhead place is where this buck’s placement be.

Las week's winner was Josh Van Der Eerden! Winners should email Tom@batma.org to claim their $25 Targer gift card.


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