Big Buck Hunt: Week 9

Here are clues for this week's bucks, as well as info about the bucks from week 8.

Buck 15 Location: First Citizens Bank

Artist: Designer and Team Leader- Amber Lewis, Elizabeth Carter, Jennifer Long, Melody Thomas, Christopher Wright

Sponsor: Available for Sponsorship

Cool Fact: In 1913 the Homestead Bank was founded in Columbia, S.C. The bank was later renamed the Commercial Bank and Trust Company of South Carolina. Eventually, after many mergers the Commercial Bank and Trust Company of South Carolina merged with the Citizens Bank of South Carolina and became First Citizens Bank and Trust Company of South Carolina, headquartered in Columbia, S.C.

Buck 16 Location: Henri's Bakery & Café

ArtistVicki Cimkentli

Sponsor: Henri's Bakery & Café

Cool Fact: An icon of Atlanta, Henri’s Bakery was founded in 1929 by Henri Fiscus, a chef and nativeof France. His Southern adaptations of European delicacies became an instant hit and a permanent standard for every item created by the Henri’s bakers today. Henri’s Bakery has been a Buckhead fixture since locating to its current home on Irby Avenue in 1969.

Winner this week (picked at random for a $25 Target gift card) will be announced late Monday.

Now for this week's new clues!

Buck #17 Clue 1

There’s not many bucks left. So get out there, quit stalling! Mr. Bright Buck is our next buck’s name calling. He stands by a place named for a home that holds art. If you find this residence, consider yourself smart!

Buck #18 Clue 1

Although our next buck's nose may not be that big, but the martini’s he’s grabbing I think you will dig. He wears a Tux with silver antlers on his head. Our buck can be found at a Place in Buckhead.


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