Big Buck Hunt: Week Seven

Here is a look at last week's Bucks, as well as new clues for week seven.

This week's winner (picked at random for a $25 Target gift card) is Isaac Kinard. All winners should email Tom@batma.org to claim their prizes.

Buck 11 Location:

Artist: Vicki Cimkentli


Cool Fact: Since 1951, the Buckhead Business Association has been an essential part of the growth of Buckhead’s business community. Their membership, which includes business and community leaders from every sector of our local economy, actively serves the Buckhead community, making Buckhead a great place to do business.

Buck 12 Location: 

Artist: Donna DiGiorgio


Cool Fact: The mission of the Buckhead Community Improvement District is to create a more walkable and livable urban environment. They meet the challenges of growth by investing tax dollars collected from commercial property owners within the district, as well as other funds we leverage from outside the district, to make meaningful improvements in the transportation network and public realm that connect people and places.

And now for the new clues!

Buck #13 / Clue 1

You should be getting hungry by this time in the hunt, so I will give you a tasty place and a new buck to confront. You'll be looking for a buck who wears sunflowers on his thigh. So spot this buck and sit right down to an authentic NY pizza pie!

Buck #14 / Clue 1

This is our latest buck to be put out on the street, he’s in a black uniform and looks like he walks a beat. This officer is located somewhere out there in a park. And when you find this buck you will have really made your mark.


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