Buckhead Officials Look At Improving 'Marquee Entrance'

The Buckead Community Improvement District is considering a $5 million project designed to beautify the Ga. 400/Lenox Road interchange.

The is examining a $5 million proposal designed to improve the aesthetics of the Ga. 400/Lenox Road interchange.

“This is an effort we’re undertaking to look at transforming a massive amount of asphalt into a marquee entrance into our community,” said CID Chairman .

During Tuesday’s board meeting, the District board heard from Peter Drey, who owns the architectural and engineering firm of d+e=design environment.

“There is a great opportunity to make this interchange into an aesthetically pleasing, pedestrian friendly gateway into the Buckhead district,” Drey said.

Drey proposed installing greenspace and wall coverings throughout the interchange, and installing four, 80-foot-tall light towers at all four corners of the interchange.

“This will create a visible entrance into Buckhead that can be seen from miles away,” he said.

The light towers cost $1.9 million.

Some board members expressed an interest in improving pedestrian access over the Lenox Road/Ga. 400 bridge.

“We must have walkway access across that bridge,” said John Lundsten. “If we don’t have that, I’m not in favor of this project.”

Another board member, Robin Loundermilk, was in favor of using greenspace to cover the interchange’s concrete beams, which he said “are such an eyesore.”

said he and a subcommittee would work with Drey to develop a computerized “drive through” of the interchange, as well as incorporate some of the board’s other suggestions, at a later meeting.

Tammy August 29, 2012 at 07:43 PM
When that interchange originally opened there were lights embedded into the concrete (like ones you see on a runway) that would illuminate when you would make turns through the intersection. These lights helped you keep in your lane as you went through the intersection. As time went on the DOT just let them all burn out. If they never intended on maintaining them then why install them in the first place. They were particularly useful at night.
Boyd Leake September 03, 2012 at 02:38 PM
The other GDOT controlled entrances could also really use a facelifts. Even some landscaping would be a huge improvement. They can't even seem to keep the grass cut in some of the areas. Cheshire Bridge/ Lenox Road/Sidney Marcus and Moores Mill at I-75 look particularly neglected.


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