Kids II Seeking to Fill 31 Jobs

Located in Buckhead, the Kids II headquarters is growing rapidly.

Now that has gotten settled into its new digs in the building, they want to let Buckhead and the rest of Atlanta know that they are hiring. The successful infant and toddler product creator set a goal in 2012 to hire 50 new employees. The company now has 31 openings it is trying to fill at its Buckhead headquarters and 30 more that need to be filled oversees in the company’s Asia offices.

Kids II is currently searching for experienced Systems Analysts, Product Development Engineers, National Account Managers, Product Designers Sales Coordinators and more.  While some of these roles require specific industry experience, other jobs are less specialized.  Those interested can visit the Kids II website at www.kidsii.com to learn the requirements for all open positions. The company’s corporate brochure can also be downloaded to learn more about the innovative culture and the credos that drive it’s success. 

“We are pushing for designers and engineers, but what is really important is to align with our culture,” director of corporate communications Tara King said of the fun and innovative spirit of the company. “We can’t do what we do if we aren’t all in sync and really driven by that culture.”

Kids II earlier this year moved its headquarters from Alpharetta to Buckhead and now occupies four floors at the Terminus building, along with a street-level showroom for retailers, giving it 100,000 square feet at the Cousins Properties site. The company’s Atlanta employees do such work as product design, support and marketing. 

Ryan Gunnigle is its president and CEO.

The privately held company’s seven brands include Bright Starts, Baby Einstein, Comfort & Harmony, InGenuity, Taggies and Rhino Toys. It also contracts to make Disney-brand merchandise. With 400 products, the company launches an average of 125 new ones a year.

Being an international company that many, even some here in Buckhead, still don’t know about, King said it was important for Kids II to make a strong statement.

“We had a significant opportunity. Because of growing into this space we could significantly up our number of positions available,” King said. “We knew with the move we would be hiring a lot more.”

King explained that she currently sees between two and five new employees being brought on each week. Around 240 employees are currently at Kids II in Buckhead, while the company employs 500 globally across 12 international offices on five continents. The percentage of people being hired is significant for the amount of current employees, she said.  

“We’ve been growing about 20-percent annually,” King said. “This has been happening for the last five to seven years. Even when the economy fell out we were continuing to have significant growth.”

Because of the amount of growth Kids II is experiencing, King said she expects the hiring to continue at a fluid pace even as the downturn in the economy continues to negatively affect other companies. As jobs get filled, others open up.

“It doesn’t look like we are going to cease with the employee growth as we continue to grow all of our brands and products,” she said.

Kids II also hosts a strong intern program. Many of the interns end up becoming full-time employees.

Heather Crawford, Vice President of Human Resources at Kids II, said that the company always prefers to hire locally if at all possible. Equally important to qualifications, she explained, is the ability to have the right attitude that the company is searching for. 

“We are looking for people that are really passionate about what they do. They work hard but they have a great sense of humor and are just excited to come to work everyday,” she said.

Michael Packer (Editor) June 12, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Seems like a great place to work. Are there any other Buckhead businesses that you know of experiencing this kind of growth? Let us know in the comments!


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