One Mom's Journey to Health and Wellness

This week this professional mother of four began a detoxification program to jump start her commitment to taking better care of herself. Follow along to see what she learns about self care.

Yesterday I ended my blog with a commitment to doing activities that nurture my spirit. I have realized by not taking opportunity to truly care for my self, down to the soul level, it has taken a toll. Until recently I have been tired, run down, uninspired and empty. Working a 50 hour week had left my body achy from lack of exercise, unable to get a good night's sleep and carrying a few more pounds than I was comfortable with.


    Last night I grabbed some hammock time. I was able to rest in my little area of wood, gaze at the night sky and to really enjoy the moment without feeling pressured to get back to the "important stuff." I took time to really notice the feel of the cool breeze on my cheeks, to smell the last tendrils of the neighbors grilled dinner, and to hear the sound of frogs and crickets coming to life. I could literally feel my heart swelling at the beauty of it all. Thirty minutes made such a difference in my outlook. I slept with the windows open, too. The feeling of the night air was like velvet on my skin. It felt like such a luxury. Amazing how something that cost nothing could make me feel like such a wealthy woman!


    This morning I substituted tea for my morning coffee because I am doing the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program with clients and clinicians at TRU Integrative Health and Wellness. I work there as a psychotherapist and reiki practitioner. No caffeine for me. Instead I made a lovely ritual of finding my china teapot in the back of the china closet, then heating it with hot water before filling it with tea. I made it a point to smell the first wafting of aromatic Earl Grey, and to drink from a china cup. I put on music to create an atmosphere that was pleasant. It reminded me of when I would open all my windows and listen to classical music while my children were napping when they were young. Funny, I don't remember when I stopped doing that.


    What I am learning on this journey to wellness is that somewhere in the busyness of raising children and career, I lost sight of what it felt like to take care of myself as well as I do for those around me. The further into this journey that I wander, the more committed I am to get back to a time and place where the tending to my mind, body and spirit is viewed as essential, not expendable. My self care can no more be the first thing to go when things get busy. Thank you for indulging me as I take this pilgrimage. I hope that you too will learn something on the way!

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