Never Too Old to Party

The woes of middle age and falling apart.

Last Sunday we had a really rockin’ sermon on finding time. I say rockin’ because we now go to “church lite” which comes complete with a rock band and disco lights. I can’t complain about the content because our pastor delivers the most loving, funny, informative sermons I’ve ever heard. I just miss the old hymns with all four stanzas in three quarter time, with the music director making those Baptist music gang signs as we sing.

This message pertained to how we live our lives and use our time. In it he quoted a book by a woman who has worked in hospice for years. The book is all about the regrets of the dying. Of course, everyone wishes they’d lived their lives differently and used their time for different things other than work. This caused the Goose to roll his eyes a bit and ask who would have paid for things if he hadn’t worked so hard, but the rest of us got a lot out of it. 

I had already been thinking of this and have been trying to have more fun and less stress. The Goose will be really be rolling when he gets to this line because, apparently, I have a stress free life anyway. I am less stressed because I’m made that way. I am optimistic, usually see the bright side (except for those sad dark weeks of January) and know things will usually turn out okay. Still, it’s easy to slide into the drudgery of everyday life. Most mornings, my friend the Trophy Wife will call to see what I'm up to. Every day, I mean every single solitary day we say the same dialogue: 

Good morning!

What’s up?

Nothing, cleaning up the kitchen, you?


How does this happen?

Because no one knows where anything goes but me. 

Same here, or to paraphrase, word to your mutha. 

It’s said by every woman everywhere at exactly the same time. While men in other countries are simultaneously bowing toward Mecca, woman are muttering “why can’t anyone put anything where it goes?” Someone really should work on getting us synchronized and it’d be a lot more fun. Maybe someone could add music like they did for that guy who said “hide yo kids, hide yo wife”. . 

One of my favorite movie lines is from the Addams Family where someone asks Morticia how things are going. She replies, shrugging her shoulders, “oh, you know, I just wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish brigade.” I feel her pain. There is just no time for anything it seems. I am not half as busy as I was 10 years ago, but seem to get nothing done. Saturday night we had three delightful invitations, all would have been great, but 8 p.m. saw both the Goose and me, in our jammies, in the bed, watching mindless TV. This just is not right. 

This sermon has made me renew my efforts for fun with great devotion. I’m really not sure what he was going for was that we try to party more, but that’s what I’m taking from it. This year, I’m going to have more fun whether my house is straight or not. While I am going to continue to berate my children into cleaning up their mess, I’m not going to restrict them from having friends over until 24 hours after maid day has passed. I’m going to sit in my yard, drink more wine and watch my animal kingdom cavort. I’m going to go OUT, into the big world, after 8 p.m. on some weekend nights. I’m going to wear my good shoes in the rain and not save them until my dog chews them up. I will use my grandmother’s crystal every time I have a pretty drink and sometimes just when I’m having water. I will visit friend’s houses and not look at the clock, feeling the need to pull a “homing pigeon” and finish my chores. I am NOT going to lie around, in my lovely bed jacket and not have any wild secrets to tell my hospice nurse. I want her scandalized. 

World beware, I’m pulling out some stops. 

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Carolyn Hartfield February 18, 2013 at 12:18 PM
I will be 65 this year, and life couldn't be better! My motto is 'Living Life to the Fullest!!!' and I make sure that I Love Unconditionally, Laugh Out Loud, Learn Something New Everyday, and Dance Like No One is Watching!!! I have a good friend who, when told, 'have a good day.' he always says, 'If I don't it's my own fault.' I usually am not out after 8p, but I may be out before 8a. I have adjusted my days to fit my new lifestyle. I have changed churches. The one I go to now, the early service starts at 9:30a rather than 7:30a and it only lasts one-hour. I get as much out of it as I do those long, drawn out services. I usher at the Fox Theater so I can see all the shows whose tickets I can't afford. I shop at the Farmer's Market for fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I take daily all natural supplements to ensure I get all the nutrients I need, and because of my energy level, and vitality, I get inquiries all the time, so now I sell them, and they are no cost to me. I explore new adventures that for the most part I never did as a younger woman. I hike in the North Georgia Mountains, camp out at the State Parks, been zip lining, horseback riding, bicycle riding, kayaking, canoeing, spelunking, and now getting ready to go hang-gliding over Lookout Mountain, sailing in Belize, and exploring the Grand Canyon to celebrate my 65th birthday! Who knows what else I might do! I am truly loving this time in my life. I am, Seasoned and Savoring in the Spices of Life
Elexis Hays February 18, 2013 at 02:28 PM
Wow, Carolyn, you sound like one fun chick! Everyone needs to live a life like you're living. I'm going straight in the kitchen and take my vitamins.
Liz Kennedy February 18, 2013 at 04:54 PM
Hi Carolyn, you are an inspiration to us all - to those of us young and to those of us not so young -


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