Fulton Commission Meeting Vote on Animal Control Services

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Tired of tax dollars in Fulton County going to the killing of our lost, healthy and adoptable pets? Paying for failure to reunite pets with owners? Mismanagement of funds?

Right now the fate and well being of shelter pets hangs in the balance in Fulton County, GA.

Please read, sign, and share the petition. It also has links to the complete details.


Attend the next meeting for the vote if you can too.

WE MUST ACT NOW because the formal contract with the previous provider is over and our animals are in danger.

Two bids were submitted to take over Fulton County Animal Control Services.

One is a for profit group unrelated to animal welfare called The Siwel Group LC affiliated with Ron Totten, who failed as a director of Fulton County Animal Services with higher than a 80% kill rate.

The other bidder is the obvious and only competent choice, Lifeline Animal Project, a renowned non profit with 10 years of solid compassionate animal welfare experience. Rebecca Guinn the executive director is a nationally recognized animal hero.

You can help save many lives immediately by simply letting Fulton County know they must choose LifeLine. If they hear from enough people and also voters that will sway them.

Let the Commissioners knows asap we will no longer tolerate a regressive catch and kill pound immediately.

At the last Commission meeting January 9th, the County was making up excuses to possibly disqualify LifeLine and that seemed very odd and we can't let that happen. The Commissioners will vote on which provider they want WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23RD! Let them know right away and at the meeting we will NOT accept Siwel and MUST have LifeLine!


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