“Hi Bathroom Scale! Its nice to see you again!” said no one ever

A reminder that it is time to check back in with our fitness and nutrition. Weight can sneak up on us and if we don't plan, prepare, do...that weight will stay put!

Most of us know that the Holidays are the most common weight-gain time of the year.  But did any of you know there is a second?


July is the second most common time of the year that a few pounds sneak up on us.  It makes complete sense.  We are on vacations at the beach, visiting family, relaxing by the pool.  We have a beer at lunch or early in the afternoon and several more through out the day.  Margaritas and other fruity rum drinks are VERY popular in the summer months too.  Not only can our caloric intake increase with drinks and pool side snacks, but we also are in a different mindset in July than we were back in April or May.  Before summer starts we are strong in our workout routine and we watch what we eat....BECAUSE...we have to get into a bathing suit soon.  By the time July arrives, we have accepted how we look in our suits, summer is almost over, so our overeating radar is turned off.

Now it is August and the kids are back in school, schedules are back on track and we exhale!  One morning we decide to dust off that scale that has snuck its way to the back of the closet covered in shoes and clothes that have fallen off the hangar.  We take a deep breath and we step on....Ummmmmmmm......WHAT?!?!  You look around to see of there is a child hanging on you or stepping on the scale.  Nope, it is you and only you.  That being said, DON’T GIVE UP & THROW IN THE TOWEL!

You along with millions of other women and men have put on the Summer 5 (or 10, or 15...).  The most important thing is that you were smart enough to check back in with the scale & hold yourself accountable for the choices you made over the summer.  If you never check in, you never know.  If you don’t know, you can’t change it!

Now it is time for change.  PLAN, PREPARE, DO!  These are my words to live by.  If we use these steps, fitness fits into you daily routine and we feel better.

PLAN - look at your calendar/schedule and make an appointment with YOU to workout
PREPARE - put a gym bag in the car, you may find time to go for a walk in a park or in downtown because your next appointment is running late or your meeting got cancelled.  If you didn’t have the stuff with you, you wouldn’t be able to go.
DO - take the first step.  Don’t make an excuse to get out of it.  As Nike reminds us - Just Do It!

I disagree with people when they tell me they weigh themselves everyday.  I think that is a little obsessive about numbers.  We all know how our clothes are fitting and that the choices we make about foods and fitness are reflected in our bodies.  Check in with the scale every week or two.  NEVER ON MONDAY!  Mondays usually are a rebound of bad choices made over the weekend.  WEIGH ON WEDNESDAY.  You are usually back in your routine and your body has balanced out.

Don’t hate the scale, just use it like you use spell check.  I don’t want to admit that even though I have a Master’s degree,  I always forget how to spell definitley...ooppss...definitely, but thank God that spell check underlines it every time.  The scale is there to remind you that you had a great weekend and now it is time to get back on track and FEEL GOOD!

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Nicole September 07, 2012 at 11:54 AM
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