Gaurd Your IPhone!

Thieves are targeting you for your phone. Take measures to protect yourself!

Guard Your Iphone!

The IPhone has been a pretty popular product for several years now. Every so often I hear a story or two of someone losing their phone to theft.

Lately, it seems thieves are going all out to steal your phone from you.

My first story is of a two clients sitting at a stop light at the corner of North Ave. and Boulevard.  They were in their Jeep with the top off. My one client had his phone in hand searching for some place to eat. A kid, 15-18 years old approached them from the passenger side of the vehicle.

He originally asked for money. When they told him they didn’t have any to give him, he turned to walk off. The next thing they knew, he ran back up and snatched the IPhone right out of his hand. 

The shock of what just happened was so high, after the kid ran behind the Jeep they didn’t notice where he went.

This is a really dangerous scenario for several reasons. First, there was absolutely no situational awareness. Meaning they didn’t see anyone approaching until he was at the vehicle for the first encounter and they didn’t watch him walk off.

Second, while this situation unfolded, my clients kept to the same laid back demeanor. They should have taken a more defensive posture towards the potential threat by covering the phone or moving it off to the side.

Thieves look for easy targets and this one was real easy.

The next is a recent Craiglist scam. An attacker forced a man, at gun point, back to his car ordering him to give up his phone and money. The victim happened to have his own weapon and was able to subdue the attacker until police arrived.

This victim was prepared to defend himself and was able to successfully.

The last theft happened at a local bar. A man came in with a friend, walked around the bar and was able to walk by a table while the victim wasn’t looking, grabbed the phone off the table and walked out.
We like to think we’re safe at the places we frequent and in our neighborhoods and cars, but feeling safe and letting down our guard can come at a price. In two of these cases it was only $500. Sometimes it’s a lot more costly and lives are taken.

Even though it’s easy to leave valuables, like phones out for easy access, it’s one way to draw attention to you. Be sure to always conceal valuables and pay attention to those around you while you’re using your phone.


Nathan J. Nowak is the president of Professional Training Systems, Inc. and the owner of Trinity Fitness. Nathan has over 27 years of martial arts and self-defense training. He is the creator of “Are You Prepared?” A five week women’s self-defense course that can teach and train any woman how to defend herself and survive. For more information about Nathan and Trinity’s AYP? program, please go to www.trinitybody.com/selfdefense We can also be reached at 404.966.KICK (5425) or email at info@trinitybody.com

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benhoward December 16, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Regarding 'situational awareness': if you are using your Smart Phone, iPad etc. on a MARTA bus or train, and you are sitting close to the door, stop for a minute when the vehicle is coming to a stop so you can see who's watching you as you concentrate on your device. You may get a chance to keep it longer. Ben Howard


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