Do You Feel Pressured to Support TSPLOST?

Local municipalities, chambers of commerce and even businesses are mobilizing to get voters to the polls in support of TSLOST on July 31. How to you feel about this effort?

It’s no secret that most municipalities are urging a "yes" vote on . Without it, local governments are going to have to look at other ways to raise funds for traffic and transportation projects. But did you know local chambers of commerce and even businesses have been recruited to do the same thing?

Several key players within the Buckhead community have for TSPLOST through the media.

According to Jim Galloway, political insider for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, more than 400 businesses, including some of metro Atlanta’s largest, have signed on to turn out extra voters who have been given a firm understanding of the importance of a “yes” vote on July 31. Sam Williams, president and CEO of Metro Atlanta Chamber, which is reportedly coordinating the turnout effort, has said the effort is even bigger than the Tea Party.

Of the 2.3 million registered voters in the 10-county metro Atlanta area covered by the sales tax referendum, Galloway estimated that only 350,000 voters are expected to cast their ballot. He added that most voters expected to turn out for the primary will be Republican.

"Not a deck stacked for passage of a new sales tax," he wrote. However, the voters who turn out at the behest of their employers may behave more like moderate voters, which could make a difference in a close contest.

Do you feel the pressure yet? How do you feel about such a large, coordinated effort to get you to check "yes" for TSPLOST on July 31?

Bill Lowe June 25, 2012 at 09:46 PM
This should have just been a 3-4 cent gasoline/jet fuel/propane tax across the state instead of being a local option sales tax. Each district would get their gas tax money each year to spend on projects as they see fit. People will not feel anymore pain than they feel now at the gas pump when gas is +3.00 a gallon. However, an additional penny on just about everything people buy to support road infrastructure does not make sense. The list of projects that have been proposed do not seem significant enough to make any difference anyway. Are people being pressured? Yes they are. Essentially this is presented as: If we don't approve this, then this city will become Detroit, or we won't get any new businesses to locate here because traffic is so bad. Traffic is bad because of bad drivers, poor DOT choices(toll lanes on I-85). Do you really think that traffic will improve in the limited areas where construction will be going on? 10 years of constant construction will do wonders for traffic. This should be voted down and reintroduced as an added gas tax. Marta has their sales tax already. Let Marta get their house in order financially(if they are able to do so at all) and they will be able to expand to become a useful mass transit system. A useful mass transit system will reduce traffic significantly. It has to actually go to all areas of the city and be quick---not 20+ minutes between trains and 30+ minutes between buses.
B. young June 26, 2012 at 11:31 AM
Governments are not good at allocating capital, if history is any guide. Denying the government funds is simply the best way to ensure scarce resources are put to their most effective use. TSPLOST is just the latest attempt by governments and their rent-seeking partners in business to skim more money from the general public to fund their preferred projects that otherwise would not meet their investment hurdle rates. If a road improvement is truly needed, it will be built. Likewise, if we need a high speed rail system from Griffin to Macon, it will be built and funded by those who get some economic utility from its existence. Targeted projects of limited scope are more likely to waste less of the people's money than the TSPLOST leviathan.
Bob June 26, 2012 at 11:32 AM
I have seen nothing in TSPLOST, that mentions repaving any of the Atlanta streets, as they slowly deteriorate on a daily basis. Holes, cracks, speed bumps that you don't realize are there until you are zoomed into the air, because of worn paint. Car repair people are having a field day.


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