Happy Veterans Day

Monday is the day of the year when we honor our nation’s veterans. Although many of our veterans were drafted, this generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are part of something that is truly remarkable….they are an all-volunteer force.  Many of them came from disenfranchised backgrounds and saw the military as a way to improve themselves. But what’s truly amazing is that they volunteered to do it in the midst of ongoing combat operations.  Operations where we were losing men and women on a daily basis. Despite this, they signed the dotted line and shipped out. In this spirit, I’d like to say that this generation of veterans truly embodies the personably responsible enterprising spirit that our Nation was founded upon.  As a side note, the Enterprise is one of oldest namesakes in the United Sates Navy – first used in 1775.

Please take a moment at some point during the day and consider thanking a vet for their service.



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