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Check out some of the hot topics here in Buckhead, like the pastor who backed out of Obama's inauguration program or whether Buckhead drivers have seen any improvements from Peachtree Road transformation project, then click the links and add your t

Buckhead Patch wants to know what you think. Tell us how you feel about issues affecting our community and why. Check out the excerpts from comments and then click the links below to share your opinions on this week's topics.

What Should the Legislature Do in 2013? (45 comments so far)

Let's start with no gifts ethics legislation, adjust the gas tax to inflation (since they don't have the balls to do anything else), water, and MARTA .- Road Scholar

Balance their budget. Don't take gifts, trips. Education. Let parents decide. Vouchers. Homestead should be allowed on first and second properties as taxes are paid. No education tax on second property if no homestead. Not fair. No state income tax. Consumption tax brings more revenue. Smoke free in parks, public spaces. No subsidized healthcare for elected officials. -Seth

Post the Ten Commandments in all public places, including schools. Just follow them and most all the garbage will take care of itself! -jimmie


Buckhead Pastor No Longer on Obama Inauguration Program (27 comments) and Buckhead Church Pastor to Deliver Benediction at Obama Inauguration (36 comments)

Thankfully, common sense has prevailed. Anti-gay bigotry has no place at the Inauguration. -Cornus

"...My aim has been to call people to ultimate significance as we make much of Jesus Christ." not being smart-alec but what does that mean exactly??? why cant we just teach the Bible flat out and say "we are here to call people to repentance through the grace of the Lord Jesus. we desire to see people saved and lives changed!" dont be afraid to be bold. i dont like this watered-down version of Christianity in our world today. I'm just afraid there are many in churches who are learning to become good "Christians" but without every truly becoming Christians in the firstplace. -Amy Leigh


So How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Going?

I made a resolution to get back to doing more outdoorsy stuff like hiking and kayaking. -Anna Varela


NFL Star Ray Lewis Announces Retirement; Buckhead Remembers Connection to Murders (2 comments)

the courts said acquittal, so let it be writeen let it be done.... -Smith Jones

plea deal is not an acquital...his day will come -jimmie


What Exactly Were the Peachtree Road Improvements? (4 comments)

In a heavy traffic area, eliminating driving lanes for improvement is like spending more to pay off debt. -Barbara LeBey


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