Should Congress Legalize Marijuana or Gay Marriage?

Voters in a few states sent both issues skating to the left Tuesday, but was the landmark election a fluke or a sign of federal legislation to come?

Voters in various states approved same-sex marriage, legalized marijuana for recreational use and more in Tuesday’s elections.

Voters in three states—Maine, Maryland and Washington—approved same-sex marriage, joining the lot that already includes Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. Meanwhile, though it remains illegal in Minnesota, voters there rejected a constitutional amendment to ban it.

Washington and Colorado threw another left-leaning punch by being the first two states to legalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use for those 21 and older. It is unclear how these measures will be handled at the federal level, where it remains illegal.

President Obama, who grabbed a sweeping Electoral College victory Tuesday to push him into a second term, has already come out in support of gay marriage. "I've always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally," he said earlier this year.

In his 2004 U.S. senate race, he called the war on drugs "an utter failure, and I think that we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws, but I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana."

But since taking over as president, there have been crackdowns on medical marijuana, especially in California.

"I can't nullify congressional law," Obama told Rolling Stone this year. "I can't ask the Justice Department to say, 'Ignore completely a federal law that's on the books.'

"What I can say is, 'Use your prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize your resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage.' As a consequence, there haven't been prosecutions of users of marijuana for medical purposes."

Should President Obama or Congress steer marijuana and gay marriage toward national legalization?

Jim November 10, 2012 at 08:57 PM
It doesn't matter whether you are for or against gay marriage...times have changed and gay people are no longer hidden and are not going away. It need to be either legalized or another option legalized that affords gay people the same rights and priveledges afforded married people. It makes no sense for a loving committted couple to be denied rights while it is perfectly ok for someone to get drunk and marry a stranger in Vegas. To continue to fight this serves no purpose. I get that a lot of folks have religious objections to it and the answer there is to leave it up to the sinners and their maker...you don't have to take on the role of judge....but to put your head in the sand and think gay people will just disappear is useless...people say what rights are denied...well everything from joint taxes to retirement and inheratance issues to visitation rights in hospitals...hundreds of things that married people take for granted..I know several people that were denied being able to be at their dying partners bedside because they were not family..no matter that they had been together for most of their adult lives...As for Marijuana...that is a fight for someone else.
Tedtedftl@aol.com November 10, 2012 at 11:54 PM
Bravo Jim
Jeffrey Blumstein November 11, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Sign the petition to allow Colorado and Washington to experiment with Marijuana: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/suspend-now-enforcing-federal-marijuana-policy-states-colorado-and-washington/rWGZy0y6
Esoteric Knowledge November 11, 2012 at 06:00 PM
Should people's civil rights be violated? Should we violate people's freedom of religion? Should we violate people's 4th Amendment rights? Your society is corrupt.


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