'Your Opinion Counts' Poll: Gov. Deal's Promise to End Ga. 400 Tolls

If you were planning to cast a "No" vote for the TSPLOST, Patch wants to know if Deal's recent promise changes your mind.

Gov. Nathan Deal's promise on Thursday to by the end of 2013 caused a mixed reaction. While many people were excited by the prospect of no longer having to pay tolls on the heavily travelled highway, others saw it as nothing more than an attempt to gain votes for the on July 31.

Here are what a few commenters on Buckhead Patch have said about this issue already. Jeffrey Allen said:

You have to forgive my skeptical outlook on this matter...While I believe the governor to be sincere in his desire to keep that campaign promise, all he has done is rehashed an old, unfulfilled promise here. A promise that (conveniently) cannot be fulfilled until well after this T-SPLOST vote is said and done, but made just in time to influence it's outcome. Smart move. Well played, but easy enough to see through.

So the matter of trust remains. All we have here is another promise, and an old one at that. Too late to sway my vote...this time. Should he actually pull it off next year, he gains my vote for reelection. I don't doubt his sincerity; I remain skeptical of his ability to shut it down. I wish him luck but will reserve my adoration, trust and my vote until he actually gets the job done.

Besides, if we hold out, and the poll numbers he reads remain as poor as this week, who knows? Perhaps he'll promise to shut the H.O.T. lanes down. These folks are going to say anything to get their hands on our money!

Renay Blumenthal, senior vice president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce said:

Governor announced today that he is eliminating the Ga 400 toll!! I think that shows a responsive Governor and govt that is listening to the people and shows a commitment to a new day for the TSPLOST and the trust factor.

I don't like govt or taxes either but the traffic is not going to fix itself and who else but the govt can build the roads and transit?? The do nothing option will leave us as a do nothing region that will send our kids away to other regions that have jobs!

So now, Patch wants to know: If you were planning to cast a "No" vote for the TSPLOST, does the promise to end Ga. 400 tolls change your mind?

Take a moment to vote in our poll on this important topic below.

Laura Martin July 20, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Nathan's lips are moving therefore he must be lying.


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