E. Rivers PTA Gives Update on Stolen Funds Case

PTA co-presidents Elise Lowry and Kelly Hunt hope to bring clarity to case with recent statement.

In response to  about the investigation into the of funds belonging to the E. Rivers Elementary PTA, the PTA and Education Foundation issued a statement to bring clarity to the facts in the case, as well as provide a status update.

Here is a summary of what that statement, composed by PTA co-presidents Elise Lowry and Kelly Hunt, said. The full response can be found at Buckhead View.

  • The PTA met with the DA's office right after Arjomand's arrest. The case was sent back to APD by the DA's office and then returned to the APD so they can complete their investigation and continue to build the charges against Arjomand.
  • No funds were stolen directly out of the E. Rivers School, PTA or Foundation bank accounts. All stolen funds were intercepted before they were deposited into any account related to the school. 
  • The DA’s office never said that Arjomand will not serve a day in jail.  The First Offender Act that Lord was referring to has to do with whether or not she will hold a felony record once she has served any sentence imposed on her.
  • The APD has had the investigation open for 3 months and the PTA is cooperating fully to give them all of the information and support needed. 
Debra Wathen June 13, 2012 at 01:21 PM
The update should also include the fact that the entire $57,000 has been returned to E Rivers. I am not excusing the actions of anyone that unlawfully appropriates funds, but it seems like this is a significant fact in this case and the PTA co-presidents should have included in their update.


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