ATM Slowpoke Results in Buttocks Stabbing at East Atlanta SunTrust

Police: Victim was in line at SunTrust ATM at Flat Shoals and Glenwood avenues and got into a tiff with suspect.

What happens when you're a pain in the neck?

You get stabbed in the butt.

That's what one man found out late Saturday night at the SunTrust Banks ATM at 514 Flat Shoals Ave., according to Atlanta police.

The victim told police he was standing in line behind the suspect. The suspect was taking too long at the ATM in the incident that occurred just before 11:22 p.m., Oct. 27.

He told police that he asked the suspect to move to let others use the cash machine.

The suspect didn't and so the victim pushed him and knocked him to the ground.

The victim then began his own transaction at the ATM, and according to a witness who also was in line, the suspect got up from the ground and stabbed the victim in the left buttock.

"The victim was alert, conscious, and breathing when officers arrived and was not taken to the hospital," police spokesman Gregory Lyon told East Atlanta Patch.

The stabber remains free.

Ben Callaway October 29, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Too bad there isn't some way to identify the stabber.
Péralte Paul October 30, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Don't be too sure, Ben. If he was using his card, the ATM should have recorded an image of him at the machine. If that's the case, he likely won't be at large for too long.


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