UGA Basketball Player Cleared After Arrest at Lenox Square

Donte Williams says charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession against him have been dropped.

Donte Williams, a University of Georgia Basketball Player, told media last week that he had been cleared of marijuana charges leveled against him after he was in May.

Sitting alongside Coach Mark Fox at a press conference, Williams issued this statement, according to the AJC:

“I know everybody here is aware of the incident that took place on May 25th. First I want to apologize for bringing negative attention to the University and towards me team and towards my family. But I want the truth to be known that I don’t do drugs. Soon after the incident I took a drug test; passed my drug test. I came up here and passed my drug test and took another drug test for the court and passed that drug test. The case has been dismissed. Since then I have moved on and focused on basketball, focused on school and I’m getting ready for the season now. That’s it.”

Williams was arrested on May 25 at Lenox Square and taken to Atlanta City Jail on charges of misdemeanor marijuana possession. Claude Reid, 20, who was driving Williams' car, was also arrested on the same charges because of the 3.3 grams of pot found in the vehicle.

“In this country you’re innocent until proven guilty,” Fox told the media. “But oftentimes as an athlete you’re guilty until you prove your innocence. I think Donte has learned a valuable lesson in who his friends should be. He was able to share some things with you that I would not be able to. But I think he’s learned a valuable lesson and I’m happy that he’s able to show his innocence in certain areas.

Fox said he hasn't decided if Williams will be subjected to any punishment. 


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