Update: E. Rivers Elementary PTA Funds Theft

The case of $57,000 stolen from E. RIvers PTA is reportedly progressing, although some are questioning the speed at which the justice system is moving.

Officials with the Atlanta Police Department said that the case against a woman accused of stealing funds from PTA is "progressing."

In a recent article by Buckhead View, Sgt. Paul Cooper reportedly said "The investigation is progressing. The justice system is at work. Sentencing will be up to the courts."

Maryam Arjomand, 48, turned herself in April in connection to charges that funds were stolen from the  fund, according to the APD. Arjomand turned herself in to the department's Major Fraud Unit, and she was charged with felony theft by taking.

The police department said the charges stem from the "unlawful appropriation of $57,000.00 in checks from donors which were then deposited into the accused’s personal account."

Shane Lord, who was treasurer of the E. Rivers Elementary School PTA when Arjomand was arrested, told Buckhead View that he is unclear and confused as to why the justice system is moving so slowly despite the evidence against her. He stated that even though his name was reportedly forged by Arjomand on documents, he has yet to be asked by the APD for a statement.

WSBTV.COM reports that the suspect is a parent who worked at a bank in Sandy Springs.

Debra Wathen June 08, 2012 at 09:14 PM
It is my understanding that the entire $57,000 has been returned to E Rivers. I am not excusing the actions of anyone that unlawfully appropriates funds, but it seems like this is a significant fact in this case and may have a significant influence on the the speed and manor in which the legal system is moving. I would hope that such important and meaningful facts would be presented by the Patch in future unbiased reporting.
Michael Packer June 09, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Debra, thanks for the comment. The entire story was linked back to Buckhead View with all the details. I apologize if it seemed biased. Its true that she reportedly turned the money back in but I think the main issue here is Lord's concern with the suspect not being prosecuted. If I walked back to the vault at my local bank, took over $50,000, walked out the front door and drove off with it, I don't think they would care much if I gave it back. The fact remains that I stole it in the first place. It is an interesting story for sure, though, and hopefully we will know more soon.
Me June 11, 2012 at 02:20 PM
So what if she returned the money? It's FELONY THEFT BY TAKING!! If she is not prosecuted that's the last straw for APS with me!


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