Atlanta Man Calling for End to Vehicle 'Booting'

Sai Reddy says he paid to park in Buckhead but still got booted, resulting in damage to his vehicle.

An Atlanta man is calling for an end to vehicle "booting" in the city and county after his car was reportedly damaged from a boot in Buckhead Monday night.

Sai Reddy told CBS Atlanta that he paid the required $5 to park in the lot beside on Irby Avenue but that Advance Booting Services failed to recognize his payment and booted his vehicle. 

After he paid to get the boot off, Reddy said the company had trouble removing it and had to jack up his car and take off the wheel, causing damage to the frame and bumper.

A representative from Advanced Booting Services said that Reddy did not pay to park and that the company did not cause the damage.

Reddy is now considering legal action against Advanced for the damages to his vehicle and is talking with city council members to try to put an end to booting in Atlanta and Fulton County.

"I think it's time for Fulton County to take a stand because a lot of people are getting bullied by these people and there's no recourse," Reddy said.

According to their website, Advanced Booting Services audit pay lots to eliminate the need for parking companies to employ lot checkers. When a violator is found, the vehicle is immobilized with a boot.  All violation fees are paid by the parking violators and parking fees are reimbursed to the parking company by Advanced. 

Have you had a bad experience with booting companies in Atlanta? Do you feel that the "booters" are allowed to go too far?

Bob July 07, 2012 at 01:02 PM
I totally agree with the gentleman, and Park Atlanta has overstepped its authority in many, many cases. I recently heard that Park Atlanta gave a ticket in the Marshall's on Piedmont parking lot, because a car was an inch or two over the line. I also hear they are going into neighborhoods. There's something terribly wrong with this practice, and should stop.
Dbc July 07, 2012 at 03:10 PM
One parking violation resulting in a boot...the penalty doesn't fit the crime! But of course this is how these outsourced companies make their money, on the penalties, so this is the reason for their eagerness to boot. Should be outlawed!


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