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Buckhead Forest Residents Fight Church’s Expansion Plans

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church plans to demolish homes in the community and then build a new 40-foot youth facility.

Residents of the Buckhead Forest neighborhood are fighting a Peachtree Road United Methodist Church’s plan to demolish adjacent residences and rezone the area to erect its new youth facility.

Buckhead Forest Civic Association President Kim Kahwach told BuckheadView, “We cannot support the expansion as currently proposed. It is too big, too intrusive, too commercial. The information we have been provided fails to demonstrate that the legal standards for obtaining approval of a SUP have been adequately addressed.“ 

The NPU-B zoning committee planned to decide Tuesday night on Peachtree Road United Methodist Church’s application for a special land use permit to build a new youth facility. However, after continued opposition from residents of the adjacent Buckhead Forest neighborhood, the church has applied for a deferral of its permit application to allow its representatives and attorney to receive more feedback from local residents.

According to BuckheadView, the church wants to build its 40-foot youth facility in a residential area of the neighborhood currently zoned R-4. The church already purchased a quadraplex residence, zoned RG-3, near its parking lot. 

The neighborhood has been squeezed on two sides by PRUMC, located at the neighborhood’s two Peachtree Road entrances, but also by the Peachtree Presbyterian Church on the Roswell Road border of the neighborhood.

Bill Murray, NPU-B zoning committee chairman, said he “feels” for the Buckhead Forest residents because of the squeeze being placed on the neighborhood, which he said has seen substantial positive “turnover,” increasing home values to the $1 million range, Buckhead View reported.

NPU-B board member and Buckhead Forest resident Amy Hilman said she would oppose the permit, according to BuckheadView.

The BFCA will meet Thursday at Basil’s at 2985 Grandview Avenue at 6 p.m. to answer questions and address concerns.

Me February 27, 2013 at 02:21 PM
These actions by PRUMC are totally unacceptable and deceptive. They are not being upfront with their plans in discussions with the Buckhead Forest Civic Association. Buying up and tearing down two residential homes in order to build a 40 foot youth center complete with lighting and everything that goes with it, only feet away from adjacent residential homes in the neighborhood is a disgrace. These Buckhead mega-churches think they can get away with anything. Buckhead Forest doesn't seem to agree. Tearing down homes in a historic neighborhood really isn't being a good neighbor. Where's the new parking to support this new monstrosity? I guess the church just figures it will use the neighborhood streets for additional parking required for this 40-foot new building...
Me February 27, 2013 at 03:06 PM
Upon further study... If you click on the plans, it also looks like they plan to tear down the 3rd residential home on West Shadowlawn to have egress for their parking lot right between two homes! Wow, talk about encroachment into a residential neighborhood... cutting a road between houses in the middle of a street??
stopthePRUMCbullies February 28, 2013 at 05:05 PM
To add insult to injury, the negotiating team appointed by the church has been caustic, condescending and unapologetic about their plans to destroy the historic Buckhead Forest neighborhood and and associated workforce housing.
AmyMcH March 06, 2013 at 04:38 AM
"Love thy Neighbor"???
Buckhead Guy May 20, 2013 at 12:29 PM
More like.."Love thy Neighbor's home...."


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