No Decision on Lindbergh Re-zoning this Month

According to an email sent out by the Garden Hills Civic Association, the application for the rezoning will be held and not voted on Aug. 20, as previously thought.

In a statement released by the Garden Hills Civic Association (GHCA) in their "Town Crier" email newsletter, members are told that the most recent developments in regard to the Lindbergh re-zoning include the application being held and not voted on at the upcoming Aug. 20 meeting of the City Council — meaning no decision on the re-zoning will be made this month.

In the statement, the GHCA is said to be working closely with Shook to "define the ways in which the application "departs from the legal requirements of SPI-15," which the councilman had urged opponents of the development to do at the BCN meeting.

While many opponents cite a violation of SPI-15 as the main reason the development shouldn't be allowed, Shook explained that SPI-15 does not place the limitations that those opposed to the development think it does. He said that while he does not support the development, his duty is to decide whether or not it meets the requirements of SPI-15.

"I need somebody to do something other than assume somebody else is going to explain how this fails SPI-15," he said. 

Shook also made sure to clarify his stance on the Lindbergh development at last week's BCN meeting, after the GHCA apparently incorrectly issued a previous statement saying that he supported it. According to Shook, he is in "listening mode" on the issue and has made no endorsement of any kind.

"I have not endorsed this project and respectfully request that you issue a public correction," Shook said. 

The "Town Crier" not only issued the correction, it encouraged GHCA members to continue to communicate their opinions on the issue.

"This issue remains quite active and critical. We encourage you to continue to communicate your opinion on the proposed rezoning and engage others to do so as well."


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