Northside Drive Improvement and Water Main Projects to be Combined

The Georgia Department of Transportation provides a detailed breakdown of the project. Additionally, streets within District 8 to be repaved.

One of the most important and long anticipated projects about to begin in Buckhead is the , which has now been coupled with the $14 million Department of Watershed Management water main replacement project. 

Both projects will be overseen and constructed by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and were combined since the schedule for the water main work coincided with the one for the safety improvement project. 

The department had originally in order to study alternative scheduling that would minimize disruption to the business community and residents.

Now, doing both projects at the same time should reduce the impact to residents and lend to greater efficiency in getting the work completed, officials said.

The GDOT officials stressed that the Northside Drive project is not a road widening project.  The only area that will be slightly widened is at Collier Road and Northside Drive in order to add a right-hand turn lane.

The project is scheduled for a June 2012 let date with a contract time for roadwork and waterline work of 24 months. The estimated completion date is June 2014.

This project is anticipated to improve the safety and efficiency of Northside Drive by removal of the reversible lane, which has caused cofusion among drivers.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the project:

  • The proposed project consists of roadway and waterline improvements along Northside Drive/SR3/US41 from I-75 to just north of the Northside Drive/Northside Parkway intersection. The project has a total project length of 2.46 miles.
  • The roadway portion of the project from I-75 to Collier Road includes converting the existing reversible lane to a two-way left turn lane with an exclusive left turn lane onto Collier Road. In addition, a right turn lane will be installed for the northbound Northside Drive movement turning onto Collier Road eastbound.
  • Sidewalks will also be constructed on the eastbound side of Northside Drive from Collier Road to the Tennis Court drive where a PATH trail will be built on the , and on the west side from I-75 to Wesley Drive, including new curbing.
  • From Collier Road north, the work includes converting the reversible lane to a two-way left turn lane until it connects to the existing 4 lane section. 
  • Signal equipment and pedestrian accommodations will be upgraded at the intersections of Collier Road, Woodward Way, Peachtree Battle Avenue, West Wesley Road, and Arden Road.  This includes adding a left turn lane from southbound Northside to Collier Road eastbound. 
  • The water line main and sewer line main includes replacing the existing 20” water main with a 36” transmission line along with a 12” distribution line throughout the limits of the project.  The waterline will be installed in the outside edge of the travel lane.
  • The entire roadway will be milled and resurfaced.
  • Hours of operation- 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, as well as Saturdays and Sundays, with the contractor being allowed to work between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturdays and possibly Sundays
  • The need for detours will be limited, however, there will be at least two weekends when the intersection of Collier Road and Northside Drive will have to be shut-down to complete the water work, otherwise two lanes of traffic will be open at all times on Northside Drive.

In addition to Northside Drive, Atlanta City Councilmember District 8 will have several streets repaved under the GDOT’s LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) program.  Several streets within District 8 were deemed warranted for repaving and are listed below:

  • West Andrews Drive—Beginning at West Paces Ferry Road and Ending at Habersham Road
  • Dean Drive—Beginning at Howell Mill Road and Ending at Dean Drive
  • Golfview Drive—Beginning at Redland Road and Ending at Golfview Road
  • West Conway Drive—Beginning at Mt. Paran Road and Ending at Northside Drive

The start date for the LMIG repaving projects is expected to be around September of this year.

In addition, W Paces Ferry Road will be repaved via GDOT and the City between Peachtree Road and Northside Parkway.  The tentative start date is August/September.  


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