After 65 Years, it's Time for Others to Carry Out The Heiskell School's Mission

The private, non-denominational school's board would talk to anyone interested in continuing the mission.

The Heiskell School's board would talk to anyone who proposes buying the school.
The Heiskell School's board would talk to anyone who proposes buying the school.

Families of the 220 students from all over Metro Atlanta who are attending The Heiskell School are trying to find the best school for next school year. The 38 employees of the school have their own search for jobs in the wake of last week's announcement that the 65th year of the school would be its last year.

The board of directors of The Heiskell School didn't have a particular factor that caued them to decide to close the school. They feel that God made it clear to them that this ministry should continue outside of any organization the Heiskell family manages.

More opportunity for growth may exist if others move the school's ministry and mission moved forward, according to the board. The board explained its actions in its answers to questions emailed to them by Patch.

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"It may not be common knowledge that The Heiskell School is not a non-profit and so cannot raise money the way that other schools do," the board wrote.

"Consistent with the ministry and mission of the school, we have strived to keep tuition at a level that is significantly below many other area independent schools," the board members said in their replies to questions. 

The board members said they would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to continue the mission when asked if selling the school was considered.

Since the announcement, we have been in touch with the heads of many area independent schools.  Without fail, those administrators have offered their support and said that they would assist in any way possible.  

"Our current students and faculty and staff are among the finest we have ever seen.  We are having a spectacular year at the school – many have said that it has been our best," board members said in their answers. 

Parents were notified of the school's pending closing on Jan. 21 at a meeting, through Facebook, the school's website, by mail and by handing out copies of the announcement in the carpool lanes.


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