APS Adding School Buses, Stops

The district is adding 49 buses and 850 additional stops to existing routes after problems with the current system surfaced at the beginning of school.

In a recent press release, Atlanta Public Schools announced it is revising and adding school bus routes and stops after a comprehensive, district-wide review of the system and following consideration of parent input since the new school year began on Aug. 6.

As a result of the review, which sought to address problems with the current system that surfaced with the start of classes, the district is adding 49 buses to the fleet and 850 additional bus stops to existing routes. The new system also will add additional crossing guards to assist students crossing busy streets and intersections.

The strategy is to be implemented over the next several weeks and seeks to ensure that all students travel to and from their schools in a safe and efficient manner.

Parents can expect to be notified by APS of changes to bus routes and stops on a weekly basis every Friday through postings on the district website (www.atlantapublicschools.us), email messages, automated phone calls, Twitter, flyers and letters.

Costs associated with implementing these transportation changes are estimated at $2.8 million. The district will identify specific areas where budgeted revenues can be redirected to support these transportation changes, according to the press release.

APS also will collaborate with appropriate local and state agencies and organizations to address the root causes of the issues that potentially impact students safely walking to and from schools, including crime, overgrown vegetation on lots, abandoned buildings and stray animals.

The district will continue to receive parent input regarding pupil transportation and will consider changes on a case-by-case basis, which is the current practice.

Parents and guardians of students should continue to contact their local schools or the system’s transportation department with issues, concerns and suggestions, the press release said.


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