APS Board Approves 2013-2014 School Calendar

The Atlanta Board of Education has approved calendars for traditional and year round schools.

The Atlanta Board of Education voted Monday to approved calendars for traditional and year round schools that vary only slightly from the current school year calendar, according to the Atlanta Public Schools website.

Cecily Harsch-Kinnane, Board of Education representative from District 3, told Buckhead Patch that under the new schedule for 2013-2014, "we still have breaks (in October and February) but not so long so that it helps to relieve childcare hardships."

"I am happy with the amended calendar," says Harsch-Kinnane.

Some of the obvious changes include moving the first day of class.  Instead of students returning on August 6, which was the first Monday in August in 2012, the coming year's start date will be Wednesday, August 7. 

Winter break stays the same from December 20 until January 7th, and Spring Break is still the second week in April. The only other obvious change for students is that the last day of school has been pushed back one day from May 22 to May 23.

Click on the links below to view detailed calendars. 

Traditional Calendar - STUDENTS

Year Round Calendar - STUDENTS  

Traditional Calendar - STAFF
Year Round Calendar - STAFF


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