APS Board of Education to Decide Friday on Superintendent Search Committee

The school board will decide whether to assemble a new superintendent search committee.

The Board of Education for Atlanta Public Schools will meet Friday to decide whether to assemble a superintendent search committee.

In December, the board approved extending the contract of Superintendent Erroll Davis for another 18 months beyond his current contract, which ends in June. Buckhead's BOE representative Nancy Meister and Brenda J. Muhammad cast the lone dissenting votes.

Although Davis' contracts aren't up for almost two years, because of a contractual provision, if the board finds a permanent superintendent and hires him or her, Davis' contract expires after 90 days.

Meister told Buckhead Patch in December, "We need to find a superintendent that fits our needs."

She said her decision to oppose Davis' contract extension was not completely because she disagrees with Davis' decisions for removal and reassignment of North Atlanta High's key administrators, including principal Mark MyGrant.

The school board will meet Friday at 2 p.m. at Atlanta Public Schools headquarters at 130 Trinity Ave.

Should the board assemble a superintendent search committee now? Should they just allow Davis to serve the remaining two years of his contracts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

elisa cousins February 01, 2013 at 12:06 PM
Hell, Yes! He should be sacked just like everybody else... And he should be escorted out of the building by security, accused of unfounded misdeeds, and blamed for the cheating scandal...After all, wasn't Mr. Mygrant responsible for the alleged (long lived) shortcomings of NAHS? Just like Mr. Mygrant turned around Sutton MS and put NAHS on the road for success, Mr. Davis helped rescue APS from the ire of SACS and went on to stabilize it. Hence, he should receive the same thankful treatment he reserved for his collaborators.
sz February 01, 2013 at 02:51 PM
Wait on the search. One of the issues that our school district has, as do others, is a constant rotating door of Superintendents. The board voted to extend his contract, let him do what he is contracted to do.
Molly Read Woo February 02, 2013 at 08:02 AM
How ironic that Reuben McDaniel and his cohorts acted like they might need 18 months or more to transition to a new superintendent, but they gave the entire leadership team at North Atlanta 10 minutes to clear out their desks. The resulting loss of of security and academic opportunity to students was predictable and devastating - much worse than something that could be cured by the crisis counselors Davis recommended for students after the fact. It would have been nice if McDaniel and Davis had communicated their drastic plans to Nancy Meister - North Atlanta's direct representative on the board, but instead, they went behind her back to debase one of the few honest success stories at APS, dismembering the academic leadership team right before a new principal was to take office - which made as much sense as decapitating the crew of a big ship right before the new captain boards. This kind of "management" style is dangerous and demoralizing for students, teachers, and everyone else in our schools. We need a super who already knows about the realities of public education, instead of people who play politics with it. Of course the board should assemble a new superintendent search committee now. They should have done it months ago! Any board member who's not willing to do it should resign and get out of the way, so the members who are ready to do it, can get on with it. We need real leadership, safety, and consistent academic opportunity at APS - not these precarious politics.


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