STAY HOME: Georgia Governor, Atlanta Mayor, GDOT Want Motorists Off the Roads

While seven students are still on school buses heading home at 5 a.m., schools won't open today.

Ice covers most roads in Metro Atlanta, including Peachtree Rd NE at Deering Rd. Credit: 511ga.org
Ice covers most roads in Metro Atlanta, including Peachtree Rd NE at Deering Rd. Credit: 511ga.org

Gov. Deal signed a state of emergency declaration late Tuesday related to the winter storm and delayed opening of state government until noon today.

"If at all possible, please stay off the roads until conditions improve," Deal said. "We are working to get the state back to normal as quickly as possible."

In addition to Ga. Department of Transportation crews, city public works crews and contractors called out by various governments, Deal activated the Ga. National Guard to assist.

Just before 5 a.m., seven Atlanta Public Schools students were still on their way home after leaving school on buses many hours ago. In some cases students and school staff remained at school overnight rather than trying to get them home on icy roads. Public and private schools will be closed today.

GDOT reported that Atlanta was hardest hit; the storm caused employers and schools to release workers and students at the same time Tuesday afternoon, resulting in gridlock on Metro roadways. That traffic hampered Georgia DOT crews from treating the roads and clearing incidents; the Department brought additional crews from other less-impacted areas of the state to Metro and activated private contractors to help catch up. 

Evangelist Modearer Henry January 29, 2014 at 05:04 PM
Everybody knows that most Southern States are ill-equipped for weather like this, because we so rarely ever get it. This happened in Memphis about 25 years ago or so. I was a banker then, and lived only 10 mins from my home. The weather was mis-predicted and everybody went to school and work, and everybody was allowed to leave for home at the same time then too. Grid-lock occured and what was only a 10 minute drive hime for me took over 5 hours, I ran out of gas, my windshield wipers froze and snow covered my windshield, and I had to get out and walk home, by the time I got there I was frrozen from head to toe, since I had on an unlined Pleather jacket, no boots or gloves nor scarf, and was trying to walki in snow that was knee deep. BUT! I don't recall anybody blaming the Mayor of Memphis when it happened!


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