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Phone: 404-353-5996 Hometown: Baton Rouge, La. Birthday: May 2, 1951 Bio: Louis Mayeux is a veteran journalist, with extensive experience as a writer and editor.  An LSU graduate,  he started out at the Baton Rouge, La., Morning Advocate, his hometown paper. There he learned an early lesson with a negative review of  Elvis Presley, drawing the ire of Elvis' female  fans. His early experience also included stints with the Louisiana Tourist Development Commission and the Police Jury Association of Louisiana, a local government group. Moving to the Columbus, Ga., Enquirer, he served as city editor, assistant city editor, copy editor and layout editor and wrote editorials. With a jump to the great old afternoon paper The Atlanta Journal, which covered Dixie Like the Dew, he began a 26-year career with the Atlanta newspapers. He served The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a variety of roles, from assistant city editor to bureau chief to copy editor to letters to the editor editor. He covered high school football and wrestling, and wrote theater reviews. Married for 29 years to psychologist Dr. Anne-Marie Meehan, Louis is the father of three children, Sara, Luke and Ruthie. A published poet and the author of the blogs Chasing the Blues and Southern Bookman, Louis enjoys reading, music, writing songs and playing the guitar and piano.  Your Beliefs: At Patch, we promise always to report the facts as objectively as possible and otherwise adhere to the principles of good journalism. However, we also acknowledge that true impartiality is impossible because human beings have beliefs. So in the spirit of simple honesty, our policy is to encourage our editors to reveal their beliefs to the extent they feel comfortable. This disclosure is not a license for you to inject your beliefs into stories or to dictate coverage according to them. In fact, the intent is the opposite: we hope that the knowledge that your beliefs are on the record will cause you to be ever mindful to write, report and edit in a fair, balanced way. And if you ever see evidence that we failed in this mission, please let us know. Politics I am a  registered Democrat, with moderate to liberal beliefs.  Religion I am a casual Catholic  Local Hot-Button Issues Traffic chokes Buckhead's streets, hurting the quality of life. Mass transit, car pooling, buses and streetcars should be encouraged. Sidewalks and more green space would make the community more walkable. Commercial development and the preservation of local neigbhorhoods bring conflict, but not as much as in recent years. Compromise and wise planning and zoning can ensure the right commerical development for economic vitality while protecting the quality of neighborhood life. Taxation: Buckhead is the wealthiest Atlanta community and pays the heaviest tax burden. Wealthy taxpayers are restive at paying for less properous areas. My view is that Buckhead can't afford to leave Atlanta, but Buckhead should receive a greater share of city resources, such as  parks. Schools: The Buckhead elementary schools are strong and draw community support. After years of inadequate support, Buckhead's one middle school, Sutton, now receives strong community backing. However, Buckhead's public high school, North Atlanta, still battles disapproval of residents. The promised construction of a new high school could boost  community status. 
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